Welcome to the official website of ADVENTURE BUSINESS COVER company.

We offer special range of services for business and private sector.

The overriding principle of our business is DISCRETION.


1. We secure against surveillance, observation and tracking, eavesdropping (including calls to mobile phones) during the trip. In a similar way we secure the offices and houses.

2. We secure loss (theft) of information and data during business negotiations, business trips, etc.

3. We prevent unauthorized actions against the security and privacy. We secure discreet and safe transportation (driver's defensive driving skills, and exiting from the observations). We guarantee privacy and discretion during stays in hotels, during business meetings, etc. on Polish territory.

4. We carry out discreet search and evacuation of people after accidents or random events, the evacuation from the centers of religious sects, etc.

5. We provide medical and psychological assistance to victims of accident, kidnapped, detained illegaly and against his will.

6. We check the level of security and treatment of children and the elderly by the staff of the colonies, camps, medical centers, nursing homes and independent stay during holiday away from home.

7. We control the reliability of the protection of property left in the care of security companies and electronic systems during the holidays and the long absence of the owners.

8. We provide assistance in case of unforeseen problems on the road, while on vacation on Polish territory and abroad. We organize the evacuation of people from vacation destinations in the case of bankruptcy of tourism companies, etc.

9. We do risk analyses of civil projects, tourism, travel.

10. We accept nonstandard orders in the field of privacy and prevent surveillance (tracking, photographing, interception), and the disclosure of information relating to individuals, houses, offices, business ventures, etc.